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Life has shown you many things in terms of love, my dear Cancer, even though you haven't always been the student but also a teacher to others. You inspire people.

Today you want to be a bit rebellious, going against social norms and even laws, trying to make your own as you go along. If you have a partner, they will tag along (if you are single, you will just have fun on your own).

Today is a good day to try new things and experiment together as a couple, such as in bed, or even with another person ( making it the three of you, not an affair). Your fantasy might just come true!

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It could be said that today, the cosmos around you is ready to get on your nerves and just you to test.

Tranquility and being calm is how to overcome things, especially if there are major problems along the way related to your job and money.

Also, there may be some roaring between you and a colleague. You both work side by side but your personalities clash a lot because you are so alike.

You seem to think it is all moving forward whereas they feel you are taking a step back, so it will be difficult t find a position that suits you both. However, your positive mind will make them realize that you are right.

You should be very careful with your money, especially if you have a Saturday planned with friends and company which involves spending a lot. Make sure you control yourself!


You really want to do sport and physical activities that make you sweat. You aren't afraid to get injured and are going head first into the game. Be careful and relax!

There is one thing you need to take into account, and that is that you need to analyze what you eat and when you eat it. If you eat heavy meals at night you won't digest them properly. Your stomach will feel bloated, making you feel uncomfortable. Eat light meals.

If you have bone problems that make you ache, today may be one of those days that you take a higher dose of medication as the pain might get worse.