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It is going to be easy for sparks to appear in love relationships, caused mainly by excessive jealousy, and not always justified.

Try not to open the ban on love disputes because you have much to lose and very little to gain, whether you are the one who feels jealousy or who causes it.

In particular, discussions in front of third parties will be very unpleasant, and not only that: those spectators of your dispute will end up judging you and having their own opinion.

In the hearts of single Cancer love will not knock on the door, but some ancient story that wants a second chance. Or a third, or a fourth.

What do the stars recommend? That you close that door and then throw away the key forever.


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Lifting the foot of the pedal of the car that takes you to buy exaggeratedly and excessively is very necessary, not only because you will spend less.

Have you thought about how consumerism also goes against the environment, because of the amount of waste that is generated so that you have a new pair of trousers or T-shirt at home?

Also, you could even do the exact opposite of shopping: clean your wardrobe and put on sale what you no longer use.

There are many applications that will allow you to recover some money by selling your clothes that you no longer like, or that don't fit because you have a different size.

And if not, get rid of them by donating them to some collective that needs resources and can trade with them in flea markets.


You don't have to go to sophisticated beauty salons if you want to look healthier, with more beautiful skin. You yourself, Cancer, you can make masks at home.

If you notice that your skin is dry, crush a quarter of a cucumber and then add a spoonful of argan oil and honey.

Mix until there is a homogeneous paste to apply to your face, and then, let it act between ten and twenty minutes.

To remove it, remove it with a ball of cotton wool, and clean the remains well with flowering water. You will see how beautiful it leaves you, and you will also have a good smell!