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Your Saturday starts off with a desire to be heard; there's things in your current romantic relationship you don't like, and you're ready to express your full range of ambitious requests.

Bet on a peaceful sky to make those concerns stronger (which can keep you on the verge of sleeplessness sometimes) and you'll be ready to tackle any obstacles that slow down your walk of life.

If you're single, you'll be deeper than usual in your romantic exchanges; you're attracted by several people very different to one another, you want to know new points of view, cultures that have nothing to do with yours. You'll be especially prone to falling in love if you're on a trip abroad.

You'll have to combine action and relaxation, and it'll be good if you load up your inner batteries before you run out; you should particularly aim to have a clear mind.


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You're standing as a particularly effective Cancerto seal a business deal; maybe not today, but you'll set a firm foundation. You'll focus on the main points of the affected issue, and without even being aware of it, your financial luck will improve. If the stars have any tips ready for you, here's your secret: indulge on detail.

It'll all be in your favour to avoid any problems that could stop you from ensuring your future materials. The work and effort you've carried out so far will allow you to have new responsibilities, but riding on a cloud. You're open to facing challenges.

Last but not least, some extra advice: walls have ears and eyes lurking from behind. Don't criticise your workmates, and definitely don't criticise your managers. You'll save yourself from some possible trouble.


Your environment is starting to feel slightly rare and could affect you more than expected. You need adventure and you're aiming for change, to live new experiences. You'll even consider extreme sports, like bungee jumping, to feel the adrenaline wash through your body.

Trips, social life and cultural activities will be the norm this Sunday, and you might feel like wind isn't blowing beneath your wings, but that's no reason to break your opportunities for happiness.