Cancer Daily Horoscope for April 14

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Venus allies with Mars and upsets your feelings and emotions; so, on this day you will be attracted to people with whom you have an important age difference.

However, does the watch they you have on your wrist mark the years that a person’s heart has? Is that relevant to bring happiness to one another? Absolutely not!

Throw yourself into adventure and take positions with that person in particular who has made you smile and feel butterflies in your stomach; a feeling you haven’t felt for a while now, as if your heart skips a beat.

For couples, your union will be favourable as there will be a good climate of intimacy. You are both heading in the same direction, as if rowing a boat together even if the night is stormy: you have cooperation.


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Sundays can feel longer than other days if you have to work (something that isn’t surprising at all, as more and more professionals have to provide their service at the end of the week).

The issues you have set aside will just have to wait and wait, as you will jump at the fact that is your boss asks you to work more hours you will; extra hours means extra cash in your pocket at the end of the month, which will definitely help you bank account.

And guess what? It will be worth the sacrifice because when you wake up tomorrow, you will begin your Monday with a clean slate and not dragging any incidents with you.

With this extra cash you may have some kind of carelessness, although this could be either favourable or against you. Who knows!

On the same event, you may go to a bar and as you go to pay, pull out a scuffed up bank note that you put in your pocket some time ago and completely forgot about it.


Your health seems to be at an exquisite level of attainment, so much that at school they would rate you as outstanding if you have to sit an exam.

For everything to turn out just right, opt for a balanced diet in which there are many leafy vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage or spinach, as well as protein.

If you are not a vegetarian but you are curious about the idea, look up some recipes with suitable proteins such as seitan or tofu which you can cook on the grill and accompanied by a good garnish.