Cancer Daily Horoscope for August 14

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Venus, the planet of love, has centered her attention on you, my dear Aries, as your relationship seems to be splendid. Your eyes sparkle every time you look at your partner, as you love them more than when you first met. This is great!

You will try your best to have a realistic and reasonable behaviour, as your words sometimes lack wisdom. This may affect your objectives, making the journey longer than expected.

Those single Cancer will consider walking down the aisle one day with their future fiancée. Dreaming of a beautiful wedding is positive! It means that you are ready to settle down and aren't scared of commitment!


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Today, Mercury is on your side. He is favouring your intellectual efforts in any field. Spend time studying if you have some exams ahead. It is always best to study on time and not leave it until the last minute. Be mature and organized. 

Apart from those students, make sure you also shine as an important figure in investigations. You will accomplish great results at work!

Now is a great time to go away on a trip, maybe with your colleagues or student friends. It will help you create a bond and get on better. Maybe even put your name down to do a course together, such as learning new languages.



To get a better physique, you should try new diets that adapt to you. If you find it hard to cut chocolate out of your diet, then try dark chocolate. There are always ways to adapt a diet to your needs.

The stars are telling you not to get your hopes up, as there are restrictions in terms of food, such as pasta. You eat too much junk food and need to start eating healthier meals cooked in the oven rather than full of greasy oil.

Also, think that fifteen days or a month plan isn't that hard. It'll be finished before you know it! However, when you finish, don't go crazy or you'll put the weight back on straight away!