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The Magic Horoscope is worried today about the spark of love, which sometimes does not shine as brightly as it should in couples who have been together for many years.

Confidence, sharing a lot of time under the same roof and the vilest ruin sometimes causes us to neglect the details we have with our partner.

Those that when the relationship took its first steps were constant, with many gifts and details, as well as nice words.

Analyze how you ask your partner for things and if you thank them, if every night when you turn off the lamp you wish them sweet dreams with a kiss, or if you throw any sincere compliments.

Be careful, don't confuse this with being a flatterer, but with making the whole universe you have more pleasant, the one that even has its own established rules.


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Have you thought about how much of your month's money goes to food, Cancer?

You have to eat every day, of course, and nutrition value dishes, but this is not something too expensive.

It's in those coffees on the break from work, in the bakery you buy when you walk down the street (or in those guilty pleasures full of calories you throw in the basket when you go to the supermarket for fruits and vegetables) where you go for a good spike.

Control this aspect and you will see that your economy doesn't go down as fast as it has until now.


The back pains that you notice can be related to a series of bad postures that you wear every day, both when walking and sitting.

Enhancing flexibility is very positive so that the discomfort remits, something you can achieve through the practice of Pilates or yoga, for example.

If water is your thing, you should know that swimming is also an excellent enemy of back pain, as it strengthens the abdominal musculature.

So that your mind does not rust, try to read more, and without excuses. Surely there is some kind of novel that causes you interest, and if not, try the essay or poetry.