Cancer Daily Horoscope for June 14

Your Horoscope for Friday
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You will be smothered will love and affection as Venus is taking care of you. Love is what makes you smile and help you move on throughout the day.

If you have been married for many years, it is time to get out of routines and to spice things up a little, as Cupid has opened a new door for you both. Maybe go out on a date and take it from there?

And for those newlyweds, euphoria will get the best of you.

If your heart is free, be careful as the skies shine down on you, letting love in and helping you experience a true love story, in which you won't know if you are living a dream or not. Enjoy the moment.

With your family, you may have some heated discussions about things that have resurfaced after a long time.

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Avoid appointments or meetings for today as you are not in the mood and this may risk taking bad decisions or judging others for no reason. 

Slow makes perfect. This means that you need to take your time, and if you need to sign a contract maybe sure you read in between the lines in case they try to con you.

Jupiter and Saturn have aligned to bring stability to your finances, but only you can control yourself to not spend and make things worse.



Insomnia has the best of you as you start off your day tired. However, put on your smile and get on with the day. There is nothing you can't handle.

Avoid temptations such as taking sleeping pills as your doctors have not prescribed them. Find healthier ways to go to sleep, such as doing exercise.

Practicing sport regularly will help you go to sleep almost instantly and into a deep sleep, but be aware, avoid doing exercise straight before bed or you definitely won't fall asleep! The adrenaline will be too high!

Maybe taking an infused tea with relaxing herbs would help. You don't lose anything for trying, right?