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Have you noticed you're more scared than ever of getting your heart broken? You'd rather keep it under lock and key in a glass case, untouched, instead of betting it out to find the good kind of love.

You can't trust anyone, let alone the first person who shows up ready to win you over. You know there's plenty of people who are too eager to use masks, and you don't feel like getting tricked.

What's going on, then? You aren't entirely happy hidden away in your shelter; sure, you might have a steady life, but you're lacking the spark. The butterflies in your belly will remind you you're alive.

Besides, even if it breaks, don't forget your heart will continue to beat.


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Pay attention to every event in your schedule and point out what's really important for your future as far as finances are concerned. Don't cancel any of them or move them around, and attend your appointments on time. You could be putting at stake more than you imagine, Cancer.

All group work and teamwork will be favoured by the stars. You'll be able to ask ahead about what your role is, and those around you will help you ease into your work. The Moon will help you set things in order quickly, and you'll complete a series of projects that needed some final touch-ups.


Your self-confidence and trust in your skills is so high that, before you even notice, you're one step ahead from complete madness.

Be very cautious if you're handling hazardous substances (such as chemicals), as well as articles that are on very high or low temperatures. Keep all your senses alert to avoid any incidents or fires, especially around your hands. Use whatever protection you need (gloves, glasses)... A wise crab is better than none.

As far as the rest of events are concerned, this weekend's skies are drawn out calmly and harmoniously. If you feel your back aching at all, try massaging your feet by rolling around a tennis ball between them. It'll ease off a lot of the built-up pressure.