Cancer Daily Horoscope for April 15

Your Horoscope for Monday
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Routine will get the best of you this Monday, and you just don’t know why as you expected to have a new cycle full of love challenges. It will overwhelm you to repeat certain attitudes and actions day by day, as you want a change and will start demanding your partner to pamper and care for you more. It turns out they can’t give this to you due to work and family issues.

Little by little you will see the glass overflow of water, and you'll start searching for a stimulus outside of home, such as a passing adventure.

Before jumping on this train, meditate how much you may lose o gain, and is it worth all the fuss? It’s a lot to take in!


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You will fear for your money as MagicHoroscope detects a very complicated astral climate in your work environment.

You may see how some of your colleagues are fired in front of your eyes, either because of imprudence (which you have done too) or simply because they have to cut costs.

So don’t get too smirky and take this as a warning to be more efficient when it comes to doing your obligations, and meticulously meet the schedules that are marked on your contract. Be more strict with yourself!

For those who are preparing to sit important exams of any type, in relation to their future, you need to learn to control your nerves more. Breathe in and out a few times before answering.

The competition you have going on with yourself can destabilize your mind and body at the same time. This isn’t the way to concentrate and to get things done properly according to your agenda.



Your self-confidence will get the best of you today as you will have to fight off your own demons that are tormenting you. If you accomplish this, your motivation level will increase considerably.

This is due to the position that certain planets have taken in your heaven, as you are feeding off the blood of your self-esteem.

What can you do about this? To start, tricks like looking at yourself in the mirror and compliment your physique, will praise your virtues.

You also have your faults, as everyone does, but for now you need to ignore them and focus on improving your inner self. Start working on those less flattering aspects of your body that you hate the most, and gradually make your way up when you are ready.