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The planet Saturn that influences your conjugal life breaks the promise of an idyllic life, and on the contrary favors the latent tensions and confusions.

Communication will be almost nil, and it will be necessary to make some efforts to renew the dialogue, find new formulas, all for the benefit of your life together.

Those Cancer who are single, on their part will have more daring behaviors than usual, and thus you will be able to declare your love to the four winds (or through social networks) for the person you love so much.

The other person may be waiting for the same thing, a sign of powerful interest, and so the thing could take off and travel to the top of the universe.


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Certain aspects of your work environment make you feel a deep reluctance to get going.

It's not that laziness can, but this day you'll want not to go to work so you don't have to deal with issues that exhaust you too much, either because you feel misunderstood, because no one listens to your ideas, or because it clashes with your basic principles.

Think that absenteeism may end up on your paycheck and have it reduced for your absence if it's not justified.

Also, the company will have to spend more resources to fill your gap, and therefore, there will be fewer benefits and less chance of asking for a salary increase or improvement of any kind.


If your physical health is at decent levels, maybe it's time to focus on improving your mental well-being, Cancer.

Of course sport and good nutrition have an impact on the way you handle stress and rest, but you can also use tools such as meditation.

Do you know that just 15 minutes a day would be enough to connect with yourself, and regain the calm that sometimes escapes or resists you?

You just need to know the basic precepts and find a quiet place to sit and breathe properly.

Think how cheap it is to take care of yourself in this respect, to the point that it's completely free!