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For once you will be able to mix love and business, or even your studies as your colleague may become more than just a friend.

If you are a person that has a certain power within your company, be careful, because they might just be trying to get a promotion by becoming friendly with you so that they can go up the economic ladder and get a better job.

You emerge in a world of love and passion as your partner is faithful and loves you dearly. You need to know whether you feel the same or not, before hurting them and breaking their heart. You may have an affair but make sure you tell them because they have the right to know, don't you think?

For those single, everything is great because you learn from your mistakes and learn to move forward.

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It seems that after the storm, the sun is finally coming out. Your finances are finally balanced and the stars have respect for you.

You have some money saved up under your bed in a box just in case an emergency appears. You might want to sell some jewelry you don't use too.

You will have some good luck playing games that include gambling, maybe starting off gambling little amounts though just in case.

However, make sure you don't get addicted to these games. Today you might be lucky and tomorrow lose everything. Spend your money wisely, or set a limit on what you can spend. Be responsible.



If you are overweight, Mercury will give you the opportunity to start solving this issue before it starts to affect your health badly.

Of course, you will need someone to guide you and they should be professional just in case. Talk to your doctor and ask them what they think you should you, whether start doing a lot of exercise or start with little and begin to increase daily.

For those who are trying to build up body strength at the gym, try not to skip any sessions or it won't be as effective and you won't reach your goals.

Using illegal substances such as drugs will have a huge negative impact on your health as your wellbeing is decreasing quickly. Is it worth it?