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With Venus looking favorable, couples' love can provide many satisfactions. It's a charming day where you can explore new terrain.

Perhaps it is time to break with the more traditional essence of the couple and introduce spicy games, such as seducing a third person between the two of you.

Leave your shyness behind, and don't get overwhelmed by the thought that this could pose some problems in your life as a couple.

Those who are single and who take great care of their opinions, even though they think they are funny. Certain comments based on sex can cause discomfort around you.

No one would want to feel judged or valued as a piece of meat, as someone whose only value is being attractive.

So don't make assessments yourself in that sense, let alone in front of people who might be offended by bringing out your shallower side.


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You'll want to find a masterly formula to turn any object around you into money, the fruit of a powerful ambition.

Because today you will want to reach the top of the mountain of success, and although the sky may become hostile, you will not be afraid.

You don't care if you're not under the most favorable auspices! For you will not be impatient either, and you will do nothing to ruin your well-being.

At work, however, you may encounter people who are jealous, or simply, who want to see you stumble, you or anyone else, because they don't have a heart.

Those, if you have them farther away, even better.


Your health won't be steel, but you won't need a life jacket or a plastic bubble to isolate you from foreign pathogens.

At best, you'll catch a scandalous cold, one of those that will fill you with snot but won't have any seriousness.

Or if anything, go through a brief period of insomnia, which will lead you to live a day rather busy and crazy, and depend on coffee and tea to wake up.

Discard, of course, the intake of alcohol; your tolerance to it will be soft, and if the companions go for drinks, you choose better a soft drink or a natural fruit juice.