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Even if you call to love, today this feeling seems to turn a deaf ear to your voice.

So you'll have to put twice as much effort into a nice conquest if you're a native of the sing of the crab who is single.

You can take as much time as you want, love doesn't have to be rush related.

And in fact, the juiciest romances are those that have been simmered in the oven of passion.


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Your attitude when facing work is very poor, because the spirit of defeat has stuck to your being and does not let you move forward.

It may even be that your nerves betray you and you may break into tears at some point, believing that you cannot face the task assigned to you.

Oh, how wrong you are! Because you will really do things well even if you think it is just the opposite, and you will end up yourself, Cancer, surprised by your good work, by your progress.

In the same way, keep a close eye on your accounts, and check if you have received those incomes that you had pending, such as your salary, the payment of a second-hand sale or whatever corresponds.

You have to make a fool of yourself, making you dizzy more than necessary, and inducing your steps into error; be strong and don't let them win!


Have you ever thought that trying to seek perfection may be the most harmful to health, Cancer?

Trying to keep every facet of your life free of a stain can cause nerves and safety to end up going through the shredder.

It can even cause you to seek refuge in medications at best, and at worst, in addictive substances such as tobacco or alcohol, or worse (and illegal) things.

So try to focus your energies to close the door on insecurity, and of course, depression and anxiety.

And assume that nothing happens if you are not seen as a glorious person, you know inside what you are, and that should suffice.