Cancer Daily Horoscope for January 16

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
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The individualistic moment you were living is gradually diluted to give way to a stage in which you want to let yourself be loved.

Within your being there have been mood swings, inner demons that pricked you with their trident inside your guts, and did not allow you to love yourself or anyone else you had nearby.

However, just because you are determined to change your attitude does not mean that everyone else is waiting with open arms for your arrival.

Even breaches that opened up in the past may bleed on this Wednesday, and you have to bring patience to bear to correct what you diverted.

By the way, it's not a good idea to try again with someone the thing didn't set with, Cancer.

What makes you think the story would work right now?


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Jealousy and envy will be very present today, but it is not you who should protect yourself from them, but other people.

Because it is you who has this toxic emotion attached to your being, and therefore you are taking your side of a werewolf, sometimes camouflaged even with sheepskin.

You can give a thump to that person who has something you want, a membership, a job.

Be clear that your actions can trigger serious consequences. Maybe a hunter kills you as an act of revenge, showing you that has not been worth anything that uncontrolled appetite for money that prompted you to act fiercely.


How many times has the Magic Horoscope told you to watch out for sweets?

Normally, the stars worry about your shape, that you are not overweight so that your skeleton does not carry more weight than it should.

However, today you are told to take care of sweets for oral health, as your teeth are susceptible to cavities.

Above all, look at cakes with frosted fruits and the like, as their sticky texture gets between your teeth, and as you know, nothing good can come of it.

Wash your teeth well if you fall into temptation!