Cancer Daily Horoscope |




You seem to be worried, and due to this you seem insecure and have seen many negative things about yourself, surfacing things that aren't completely healed yet.

You will have many questions as you don't know if your dearly loved ones such as partner or children love you as much as you do them. You need to believe in yourself. They always show you affection which is a positive thing.

Your insecurities will get the best of you if you are single, as it seems harder for you to step out of your shell and meet new people. Trust your instincts and do not them the opportunities fly past you!

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Be careful if you have new responsibilities at work, because you may have been given too much for you to handle. Don't take on new things if you don't have the time!

The atmosphere around you is calm but there may be jealousy in the air as others see you as a rival. They will have to learn to live with the fact that you are competent and good at your job.

However, do not hide your abilities just because of your snide comments. Lift your head up high and get on with your life. Be proud of yourself!

Of course, new projects will make a better income, a better salary and a happier you. You won't have to worry about money issues as much,



You need to be prepared, as the time has come to put you under pressure. Things won't be easy and your natural defenses won't be on your side.

Do not do any complicated and hard activities and make sure you control your vertigo. If you want to do sport, try new relaxed activities such as yoga.

If you can, relax your body and wait for your soul to cure. When you feel better you can go back to doing the sports you love.

Make sure to eat cereal, nuts and other food containing magnesium as it will help you defeat fatigue, tiredness and depression. Also, it cures muscle spasms and will increase your wellbeing.