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No one will admit out loud to be unfaithful or have parallel adventures, but more than one Cancer and two are not completely loyal to their partner, right?

Today there is a special risk in affairs that involve cheating, which could be complicated by unwanted pregnancies or other compromises with little ease to solve.

In established couples the astral climate will be calmer, even boring, so you'll have to juggle a few things so that your life does not lack sauce or spice.

Singles will blossom deep-rooted, they will feel confident and will achieve whatever they set out to do if they feel like dating or having fun with new people.

Who hears, even if you don't have a partner, you don't have to want to see anyone either, you can only find yourself more than full and happy.


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Pay attention to your outbursts of generosity that will multiply today, burning your savings thinking that you will make others happier.

It is perfectly lawful (and necessary) to open your hands to help the unfortunate and disadvantaged, there is no doubt about it.

But well-ordered charity begins with oneself, and inviting friends for drinks, or buying your children trifles that they don't need cannot be qualified as charity exactly; the feeling would be another not-so-beautiful one.

In your work, however, you will know how to channel your energies and you will leave very happy those people who have trusted you professionally.


Your fears and insecurities that you have most hidden in the bottom of your stomach will come to light today for no apparent reason.

At some point you may be attacked by an outbreak of anxiety, and this can be counterproductive to thinking, to working, or to sitting down to study if you're on exams.

Meditation can help you alleviate the consequences of this disorder, which can even manifest itself through heartburn, headaches, or dry mouth.

In your diet, it's better to opt for white meat and fish than red meat, especially if you've already eaten them this week.