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This astral atmosphere leads at the end of the week to comfortable and peaceful conjugal relations, and not only that: you will also be (or will be) completely safe from damned jealousy.

You will not hear one voice louder than another, and you will spend moments of real happiness having at your side the person you love most, noticing their skin against your skin, intensely and incessantly.

Are you single, Cancer? Then you should be careful, because you could immerse yourself in an experience of intense love, but with which it will be quite difficult to live.

Maybe the other person has a problem that you don't know how to deal with, and it could be interpreted as being related to a past love relationship.


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Do you have the feeling that with the arrival of the weekend you spend more than usual? And how much reality is there in the same, and how much is a mere impression?

So that you don't cry tears of blood for your money, it is obligatory to respect the budgets, the handling of your material situation.

Otherwise, you will end up losing what you are kneading, those profits obtained recently.

Put the horse in charge of your expenditure, because if you later fall into a ruinous stage few people will support you, and tell you how each stick must bear its own sail only and exclusively.


Your hormones may not be at the right levels, so your mood fluctuates throughout the day.

The stars keep a key role for you in the health of those around you, and that is to show energy and desire to live, even if you get bad news.

Develop your potential, don't let anything sink you, because you are the bubble that will help the rest to come out!

Also, try to set a better time to go to bed to sleep and dream, so that the week that starts in just a few hours will be more fruitful.

This means not wasting time looking at the mobile phone once your back rests on the mattress, and discards the idea of checking the email before Morpheus enters through the window and carries you in his arms.