Cancer Daily Horoscope for May 17

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Neptune in its most perverse environment is willing to darken your day and that in your heart there are only shadows, leaving the light under minimums. Follow the little light left and make your way out of the tunnel of negativeness.

Have you noticed that in your relationship there was some tension that was not resolved, because someone (or both) looked the other way?

These time bombs can explode on this day of May, and some will live discussions or disagreements without consequence, although for others, at least, the consequences can be more serious and murky.

If you want to live well and are in a state of singleness, control your genius and your aggressive impulses, because the atmosphere will put you on the warpath, when what you really need is to find a balance of sensuality, relaxation, and softness.

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Through mobile phone, email and even smoke signals if needed: today many people will want to contact you for business matters.

Some will ask for explanations of why you have made certain decisions without consulting, others will want to make you profitable offers, and there will be some naive who will call you just to know what you would do instead.

This you can interpret with a double meaning. On the one hand, the role you play at work is important, you are essential and irreplaceable (although sometimes you notice the rope around your neck).

On the other, you will want to send everyone to hell itself, because they will not let you do your tasks in harmony, and thus accumulate tensions and some stress quite conflicting.


In terms of health, the movement of Saturn will invite discipline and a greater regularity in the habits of life.

Although sometimes laziness deposit your sticky nets on you, today you will be a very efficient person, which will not cost you up early, nor fulfill your commitments to the family.

Those natives of Cancer who are currently in processes of sports competition will receive good news, so you can already draw a smile on your face.

However, it is important that you do not trust yourself if you want to go far, because there are disciplines that require constant improvement, do not rest on your laurels!