Cancer Daily Horoscope for April 18

Your Horoscope for Thursday
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In your family environment, there will be some strong arguments in which you won’t be able to bite your tongue and you will defend those relatives who you care about.

This may cause a discussion between you and your partner, making an uncomfortable situation, as each of you has different opinions about the argument (and quite different!).

It will be this Thursday in which you will pray to your heaven to send you an instruction manual for life and how it works, so that you can do it the best as you can. Each and every one of us is different, there isn’t a specific book for all of us! We all see things differently!

For those single, the Sun will shine but a cloud will begin to cover it up at certain times during the day. Remember that the stars are up there looking over you.


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A conflict about money will be playing on your mind, and you don’t know to what extent you can invest it in leisure and free time.

Start making the idea that a friend will propose a plan to go to the theater or a show of someone that interests you a lot, but that has a high price.

If that call doesn’t happen today, Magic Horoscope tells you it will happen soon, either tomorrow or this week, so it is a good time to start saving money from here and there!

At work, Jupiter will help you put the fire out, as you had a disagreement not long ago and now you are avoiding that person.

Misunderstandings happen, and rancor is useless, and especially not when there is business in between.

Think of your future and your stability, my dear Cancer!


The pass of time will make you a person full of fears today, as you will see how calendar days pass by quicker than you imagined.

If you do not know how this is happening, wake up! We are already in April, the fourth month of 2019!

MagicHoroscope recommends that you leave fear aside and go out and have fun, enjoy street life, and start doing those activities that you once loved.

Do your favourite sport that you once practised throughout your youth, or even read a novel or your favourite author. You need to spend more time with yourself.