Cancer Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



If you have a partner, the stars of the Magic Horoscope have to ask you a question: how is the situation, are you two doing fine, or do you notice an abyss between you two?

We ask you this because Venus has a fairly positive influence on you to bring positions that are far away, because of jealousy, domestic chores or whatever else that has made two hearts argue.

You have to work for the union of the two halves of your orange, and although there are no discrepancies between you two, take advantage of that virtue to feel closer to your spouse.

The pain, if it exists, will subside and even disappear. Snuffing fires is easier when the planet of love is on your side, you will notice.

Not everything is good for the native of Cancer: those who are single and who go fishing today will return with empty gear and lost time.

It is better to use it in other tasks than to try conquests here and there.


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In economic matters today is not about enjoying exceptional opportunities, and in fact, it is easier to end up losing money than putting it in your accounts.

In particular, rule out bets that promise to make you a millionaire, because that won't happen like a miracle.

Do not tempt the goddess Fortune, for she does not look to you today.

In case you need extra money, think if it's time to get rid of some jewelry you have at home that you don't wear anymore, maybe that gets you out of a jam.


Your ears will be sensitive to cold this Friday, Cancer, and if you live in an especially cold area you should protect yourself.

Be careful, it does not mean that you have to cover your ears, but protect yourself from viruses and diseases that may end up being reflected in this delicate area of the body.

Do you know that more otitis is avoided by protecting you from a cold or the flu than by wearing shiny earmuffs?

Also, try to have your house well ventilated (and also your working room), so that this charged air leaves and enters a new one, more oxygenated and that regulates the humidity of the enclosure.