One of the basic ingredients for a relationship to work is a sense of humor, the desire to laugh with each other.

So try to make some plan where laughter is assured, like going to the movies together to watch a comedy, or getting tickets to see some monologue in the theater.

But try to make it intimate, and if you have children look for a family member or friend to take care of them.

You have to fight for your piece of intimacy if you want the relationship to stay in top form, full of energy.

Laughter will also be the key that will help you conquer if you are single.


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There are certain monthly payments that may seem like a constant loss of money, such as taking out certain insurance policies.

However, the Magic Horoscope invites you to review which ones you have contracted and which ones you should apply for.

Because soon you could suffer a setback that if you are insured you will solve without any problem, although if you are not, you will shed some tears.

If for your profession you need a patron (for example, if you are an artist) on this day there can be very interesting conversations, Cancer.

Bring out your more business side and convince the right person to bet hard for your talent and your value, which is not exactly a little.


Have you ever had a fairly powerful period of sedentary life and are you thinking of going back to the gym?

Before starting your intensive sports sessions, it's essential to consult your family doctor for a thorough health check.

Only a doctor is able to identify possible back, knee or heart problems, and according to his evaluation, so will be the physical activities you should carry out.

The important thing, Cancer, is that you protect yourself from the risks of injuries, practicing the most appropriate activity for your body.

Also, if you are a beginner, this basic exam will be equally interesting, since most sports centers neither have doctors nor require health certificates.