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Today you feel like worshiping fidelity in love, Cancer, even if for a long time you've been in favor of liberal relationships and open couples.

This is because Venus will make you feel that it is fidelity that makes solid cement inside the bricks that make up a couple.

Thus, you will have special wisdom to deal with the routines of love, and if the possibility of adventures arise you will remove them from your side, because you are not interested.

Your spouse will notice this, and without words, they will thank you, because it is perfect for him or her; they need it, even if they don'tt ask you to.

Those Cancer who are single, beware when jumping into the void, because the parachute has no guarantee that it will open.


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Watch out for Mars! This planet has a bad reputation when it attacks finances.

And today this planet doesn't exactly want you to succeed. All you can do is keep what you've been able to save safe lately.

And when it's time to go shopping for home stuff, to fill the pantry, try to go to places where there are discounts such as a third unit for free, or a second at half price.

Also, check your mailbox, you also have discount coupons that can help you save some coins.


Beware if you have a chronic or complicated illness that has you somewhat desperate and you no longer know how to fight.

And is that a close person, loaded with good intentions, will want to recommend that you put your health in the hands of someone who is not exactly a doctor.

A healer, a shaman, a mental healer or any other type of individual with extrasensory powers or ancestral knowledge.

Be completely suspicious of this option no matter how much they insist that there are people with the same things as you who have improved considerably.

Not only will your health be in danger if you agree to undergo treatment, so will your wallet, and even your mental well-being.