Cancer Daily Horoscope |



You'll need to be quiet this Tuesday, and in principle, it should be easy. If it weren't for a couple of planets willing to destabilize your life, your love.

At some point, you will surprise yourself by asking your spouse or partner for promises and proof of their feelings towards you.

Beware, because you may become so heavy that they end up bored of your requests, because you will wrap them in jokes, but they are very serious.

You are very insecure of yourself unnecessarily, trust each other and the future you have ahead of you, nothing more than that!

In your hand there is no engagement ring, are you single? Well, you're still going to think about where to buy an alliance with a name and date inscribed.

You will have the desire to fall in love, to trust in destiny, you will believe that there is for you your other half waiting to fit into your world!


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A word of caution about your money: Beware today of some entrepreneurs who only want a financial team in which they can get away with it.

Avoid investing in businesses whose leader may seem to you to be not trustworthy, a being that only moves by the vile metal and that gives him the same life and feeling of others.

Your savings may not grow, all right, but you'll avoid complications, even legal ones.

This day is for you to count on yourself; be stubborn and methodical, and everything will be just fine.


The feeling that there are bad energies around you may obsess you too much; you may think that your health is deteriorated because the vibrations around you are toxic.

It may be so (though not for all the natives of Cancer), and to stay quieter, you could burn wood of palo santo.

In spite of everything, part of those annoyances that whip you may be inside your head, fruit of nervousness and insecurities. And so, more than one will suffer insomnia or mild sleep.

How far is that time when you wanted to be an adult, no one warned you how difficult it was to develop in real life!