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The atmosphere within the relationship is not exquisite, even though you were planning a weekend in which the bubbles of love made you float to another dimension.

This is not surprising, because the planet Jupiter is in bad shape, and of course, so there is no way that romanticism is the protagonist of your life.

In fact, you may have the feeling that your spouse is quite alienated, sometimes aggressive, sometimes rather defensive.

Guilt, to call it something, can be routine life, and also certain useless sacrifices that do not bear fruit some.

As long as your other half does not express it clearly, what goes on in its head, it is unlikely that the situation will improve, Cancer.

What have you planned for the heart this Saturday, Cancer who are single? You will not find yourself alone, you will find companionship if you seek it, but still the idyll is not as beautiful in the long run as you would expect.


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You yourself are going to be surprised, Cancer, by the enormous responsibility that you have this day at the time of making expenses and payments.

It was time, really, to have some moderation, but let it be welcome.

That way, your finances will be safe, and there will be no excessive desire to pull credit card.

Also, risk actions will seem boring and meaningless to you, no matter how much someone incites you to make certain investments in businesses that, in principle, have more shadows than flashes of light.


You want to take care of your aesthetics and your health in equal parts, and today you may consider buying sunglasses for the new season, and if they are fashionable, even better.

However, the Magic Horoscope recommends that you look not only at the price, but also at the quality, because not all glasses can do well in your eyes, causing injuries to your retinas.

Eye health is sometimes the great unknown, and we don't care as much about our eyesight as we should.

By the way, try to moisturize your eyes more, and rest more if they look red.