Cancer Daily Horoscope for July 2

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Passion is waiting for you, my dear Cancer, as you are ready to enjoy love.

Love has overcome your agenda, as you have a romantic environment surrounding you; full of tenderness, love, and affection. What else could you possibly ask for, on such a gorgeous day?

Also, thanks to the slow movement of the planets, you will skip your daily routines and follow your partner's steps. You can both go away for a couple of days and reconnect, or even just stay at home and spend time together on the sofa. As long as you are together!

Those single will be shy, which you need to overcome because shyness won't get you anywhere in terms of love. You need to be comfortable with yourself before trying to fall in love with others. You need to back down, pull off your shield and fight!

The person of your dreams may be right in front of you but they won't feel the same way.


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Your creativity is in order, as you enjoy making handmade home decorations rather than buying them in the shops. For instance, a little cupboard to put your keys on by your front door, or even designing a fancy dress costume for your next party! You have time to kill and money to save!

This way, the stars believe that you won't have any problems financially, but this doesn't mean you can go out and spend it all. Be reasonable and know when to spend and when not to.

When gambling, you won't have luck supporting you.


In terms of health, the stars believe that you should control your bad habits, as they are turning out to be quite nocive.

Be calm and don't worry too much, as you feel the need to step into a bubble in case of germs and diseases. There is no need to panic as you are safe. The stars are protecting you. 

However, you may seem a bit vulnerable and catch a cold, but this is easy to cure. Rest, take medicine and a nice warm bath will help you recover.

Be careful with your allergies and food intolerances, especially when you eat out. Depending on what eat and if they have cooked it in the same place where they cooked food you are allergic too, you may feel ill all night long.