Magical Horoscope 7
Cancer Daily Horoscope |




Someone will stick to you like a flea to the hairs of a dog and will not stop poisoning you with their ideas about love, about what is best for you in life, who you should love, in what way and with what intensity. Make your own decisions and don’t base your ideas on those of others.

The situation will be more complicated if those alleged tips come from an authority figure, such as a mother, whom you will not be able to tell her to keep her lips sealed because your life is yours alone.

However, try to pay attention to what the strength of your heart dictates; do not let yourself be dragged by what others tell you.

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You like money, and deep down inside, you wonder who does not, because it is something that everyone, for good or bad, needs to live (and if it is with comfort, better). But remember, money doesn’t bring happiness.

Many natives of sign Cancer have a tendency to take all the opportunities that are put before them, until filled with responsibilities and occupations, to fill more the piggy bank, to amass fortune.

What happens next? Magical Horoscope detects how things can end up bursting, because stress can make a dent in your health in a serious way. Take it easy, or it’ll only get harder.

Little by little, the ideal thing is that you lift your foot off the accelerator, and if you see that the car is going to crash against a steel wall, do not hesitate to jump on it even if it is running.

On the positive side, the Magical Horoscope points to a day full of good complicity at work, with partners willing to lend a hand at a given moment.


Under the influence of Mercury, your mental vivacity and your personal and original ideas will do wonders for your health.

You will want to improve your well-being at home by doing a little sport, using everyday objects such as water jugs to lift weights.

Also, remember that elevators are a relatively recent invention, and if from now on you choose the stairs your body will look firmer and smoother. And you will have legs and buttocks that will be the envy of many!