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This Wednesday might be stressful and make you feel desperate, as Magic Horoscope predicted. Your sense of humour will change, and your mind will become darker than usual. Mars, the God of war will get in your way.

This will have repercussions on your love, as you will start to fight with your partner on a daily basis, especially if you have to go to a social event that you hate, my dear Cancer

You feel distant from your partner, but maybe you caused it. Ask for more attention, and talk about your situation. You need to feel affection and passion again. Love means that both of you need to collaborate.



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Your mouth speaks quicker than your brain thinks, and this will bring you many problems. You need to think beforehand, and stop being so impulsive. You will spread rumours that might affect your financial state, as clients won't trust you anymore.

In addition, be careful who you work with, as colleagues might try to sabotage your proposals. Be quiet and don't expose any secrets until you present them officially.

Looking for a job may be stressful from some Cancer, as you feel you should give up. Keep trying, as something is waiting for you just around the corner. Who knows, someone might call you for an interview.

You need to think about where your life is going, and whether you want to change direction or not. Maybe start a new degree or do a course that suits you.



The most sensitive part of your body will be your throat, as this day goes on. Make sure to pamper it to health. Avoid turning on the air conditioning, as it will only make it worse. Also about talking!

This will be hard to do if you are a teacher, singer or work in the public eye. You will need to innovate and find ways to work without speaking too much. Maybe using presentation slides?