Cancer Daily Horoscope |



Leave your more esoteric side, because you're not going to pull out of the sleeve a magic ball that fixes all the quarrels you detect this day in love.

Cancer, you still have to bend down and pick up from the ground every piece of your heart and your partner that has been dynamited in recent days.

And then, sit face to face and together, and with a pulse worthy of the best watchmaker, put each fragment back in place, to see if love beats again.

If there is enough energy left to pump what one day made you almost reach Nirvana.

If you are single, be wary of anyone who is very interested in getting into your life quickly. However, mental balance is not their strong point.


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You detect that you are more important than you thought in the gear that makes your company work, Cancer.

This means it's time to assert yourself, and think about how you might address the issue in the week that starts tomorrow.

What will be the best words to negotiate a wage improvement, or maybe a few extra days off for your good performance?

If you go with a humble tone, you'll get away with it, you'll see; Jupiter will help you find the best words when it comes to dialogue with the right person.


Maybe your mood isn't at its peak, is it, Cancer? This is what the Magic Horoscope points out for many of the natives of this sign.

Have you thought about promoting a change in the decoration of your home? Take advantage of it now that it is Sunday and you may be on a day of rest!

A correct decoration promotes mental rest, and for this, it is best to opt for curved lines whenever possible, above the straights, which tend to bring coldness and hostility.

Also, try to replace the artificial lights by the natural one, the one that gives you the king star, that besides being cheaper helps us to obtain vitamin D.