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You will have to find ways to separate your family life from your love life, my dear Cancer. The first seems to overcome the second and leaves you with no intimacy at all.

Magic Horoscope insists on finding somewhere to hide from the rest of the world, with your partner. You deserve some time away from reality, just the two of you. If you have children, then find a babysitter or take them to your parents for the weekend. Make the most of today, and reconnect!

As a single, it is possible that someone catches your eye. However, the connection is reciprocal. As soon as you get the opportunity, ask them out on a date! Believe in yourself!

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At work, you will be quite submissive, my dear Cancer. You don't want to be seen as a little lamb that follows the sheppard around. Meditate your opinions and make sure you speak your mind when you feel it is necessary.

There will be people around you that seem to be quite rebellious. Others will follow your footsteps, allies that will help you change your work environment for the best. Cohesion and a particular choice of words will help.

Keep an eye on that fashion victim you have hidden away inside: it will try to get out and buy some new clothes, as the weekend has begun. Do not buy for the sake of it, only when it is essential and necessary.


For you, the ideal weekend consists of tranquillity, coexistence and ludic activities that will help you relieve stress.

Plan that trip you have in mind, such as going to the seaside somewhere that you really enjoy. The landscape will help your state of mind.

Look after your voice with natural products such as honey. If you have difficulties speaking in public, then moderate your voice and only speak when it is truly essential. This will help you keep your stress levels low.