Magical Horoscope Cancer |



Is your partner really in love with your essence, or just with what you feel like projecting?

This Thursday the stars advocate inviting you to show yourself as you are, without fear, because your other half will remain there by your side.

Throw into the fire the mask that you wear to disguise yourself as a normal person and of the crowd, and step on it saying that you are here with your defects and your virtues.

And also with a series of concerns and own characteristics that do not make you better or worse, but a unique person.


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Tighten the holes in your belt and the string in your purse because it would be really nice if you had a rather humble day today.

You don't have enough money and now that the month is about to expire, do you?

So make budgets and don't infringe them for any reason, because you are likely to not doing what you say.

Because also you will see how from nowhere appear expenses and bills to pay that were not foreseen, and you will have to face them.

At work, don't get distracted or someone with the same profile as you will stand in front of you and be better seen by others.


Your general condition will be good and your vitality excellent, although the Magic Horoscope also makes some recommendations.

And these are that you be careful with the variation of temperature, the contrasts of cold and heat could cause you to catch the flu in the dumbest way.

So check to make sure you don't overheat your air conditioner.

By the way, if you are a Cancer addict to your mobile phone, try to clean and disinfect it more.

Because we tend to take it everywhere with us, even to the bathroom.

Think that we are constantly manipulating them with our hands, our fingers, which throughout the day finish more than once and twice from our mouth.

Depending on the type of mobile you have, you could choose to clean it with alcohol or with water and vinegar.