Cancer Daily Horoscope |



On a sentimental level, the native of the crab sign wants to be very protective of the person they love, and in principle you will accede to all their desires, thinking only of welfare.

This can be a mistake if it is repeated often, Cancer, because it could set a precedent, and maybe they end up assuming a role that you do not always want.

Besides, don't you also like to be protected, for someone to make you happy and to fulfill your desires from time to time?

Conflicts can even arise with that indulgent area, when your partner proposes certain fantasies, belonging to a very spicy hidden nature.

You will consider carrying out those desires that would not make you happy, because they would make a dent in your insecurities and fears. Be careful, okay?

Of course, those who are single should not stay at home if they want something good to happen to them.


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You have to overcome a phobia that sometimes takes hold of you and prevents you from spending money, for fear of having bad times tomorrow.

Because in this way you forget to live in the present, to enjoy every moment that life gives you, because today we are here, but tomorrow we do not know what will become of us and whether we will continue walking through the world or we will have passed to a better place.

At work, there will be people who want to upset others, and try to involve you in some absurd controversy.

It won't be easy to dodge it, but don't play that game, don't offer that pleasure to anyone.


If you have to spend a lot of time at home you may notice that the walls fall on top of you, that you lack oxygen to breathe because of an almost claustrophobic feeling.

This is also harder for those Cancer who work at home.

To improve the feeling of well-being as much as possible, try hearing birdsong.

If you don't have any birds in your house, you will find many files on the Internet with this type of audio, which allows you to connect with nature even if you don't have it close by.