Cancer Daily Horoscope |




It is time to end these constant disputes in your relationship, as you both see different sides to the story and never agree.

If you want to save your love story, sit down together and have a heart to heart. Open up to each other. Explain your deepest secrets and adventures, my dear Cancer.

For those single, a person from the past may reappear in your life. They seem to be looking for something from you, which in the past you couldn't give them. Maybe now is the time, as you are ready to commit.

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Don't think about it and put your money on the exchange rates, as you will earn a serious amount of money by doing so without having to do much work at all.

Maybe someone will ask you to lend them some money, for instance, so they can paint their house and that instead of paying you your money back, they babysit your children for you or help you out around the house.

Today is a great day for you to learn to speak to others cordially. This will help you when you have to go to meetings or having discussions, as it seems hard for you to express yourself properly.

Everything revolves around your agreements and associations that you fund. Today is a great day to reflect on what else you can do to help. Maybe helping at a local animal shelter or giving a donation?


You seem to be quite sensitive to certain temperatures as you cannot stand the cold or even the heat.  Be careful when using fans or air conditioning as they will dry out your throat. Moderation is always the answer.

If this occurs, have a spoon of honey as it will relieve the pain and also help cure your throat. Try infused teas mixed with a bit of honey instead of sugar or even a glass of milk that is warm and soothing.

Make the most of this Sunday so that you recharge your batteries and are ready for the week ahead of you. Make sure your inner light shines bright!