Magical Horoscope Cancer
Magical Horoscope Cancer |



Incited by Saturn, you will desire to be excessively jealous, possessive, exclusive, as if your partner were a property that only you could enjoy. Nothing healthy for love, to sum up.

Luckily Venus also appears in your sky to counteract the astral effect, and thus seek a balance in the situation, so that demons do not take you to their hell.

There is no need to dominate anyone! Not that your partner had to ask your permission to see their own reflection in the mirror, whether you interpret it as a betrayal.

To the single Cancer, the planet Pluto could offer you a meeting in your professional environment in which you end up giving the telephone to a new person who has joined the team.

The weekend is coming up, and who knows if you'll spend it in a pleasant company!


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The risk of looking at offers and promotional products through a catalog (or a website, or even a mobile application) is that you may end up taking the bait.

And giving in to the temptation to buy yourself shoes, trousers or even a collection of films that you don't need at all.

Just because something is attractively priced doesn't mean you're going to have to catch it, be a little more sensible!

Of course, the Magic Horoscope does not indicate that it is going to be a day in which you are going to win the Nobel Prize in economics, really. A real shame!


Try to comply with the medical treatments prescribed by your primary care doctor. Never stop taking care of your health, Cancer, always be alert!

So, do not interrupt the antibiotic treatment to have a few drinks, or anything like that, even if there are people around you who assure you that nothing happens because of it.

You may have doctors who care about you, who give you advice from the best experts, but then it's up to you to carry out their recommendations.

What you don't do for your present and future well-being today could take a heavy toll on you tomorrow.