Cancer Daily Horoscope |




Love has you crazy, is not it, my dear Cancer? Your head is on your shoulders because it is screwed on tight, otherwise, you would ask yourself where it has been. Maybe up with the fairies?

You will be quite a coward, as you will be afraid of being hurt, of being vulnerable and authentic, and it will make minutes seem like an eternity, but you will not want it to arrive tomorrow either.

You will be a masochist, you will like to torture yourself to leave your soul clean of all evil and all rancor, a cleanliness that is necessary but you do not have to do it in that excessive way.

What happens to you is that you suffer from a lack of love, maybe? Well take a good cardboard box fill it with those gifts that you did who does not love you anymore, and donate it to a charity, or if you are not in a good time, sell everything in second-hand mobile applications.

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In the area of ??business, you have your eyes set on going abroad, maybe you are thinking about how to take the international leap and this will be very interesting.

Of course, as long as it is in your power to assume the investment and the risk, if you do not depend on anyone or you have to supply the bread for your family. And do not even think about asking for an express credit to carry it out, because the interests would leave you without profits.

If you do it right, you could achieve a lot of wealth near you, if the project has suppliers in your area.


Find time to do the activities that you like the most, Cancer. Above all, if they are hobbies that you have forgotten, that you haven’t done for a very long time, it is time to start up again.

Remember that in some sports and exercises it is important not to say essential practice, not to lose skills.

You know that starting a race and stopping in the dry makes you miss the road traveled, a metaphor that serves well to talk about the passage of time and the hobbies that we like.

At mealtime, be moderate with the use of salt, which is bad for fluid retention and tension.