Cancer Magic Horoscope 6
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This Saturday contains lots of fun and unexpected events coming your way, especially concerning situations that are considered boring.

You should spend some time with your friends, even if it is just going out for coffee and catching up. You never know what you might end up talking about.

Some Cancers will end up being quite selfish, as you love yourself maybe a bit too much. If so, you will end up walking into a wall, as you don't see what is going on around you.

Those in relationships will have a calm life, as happiness will flourish if you are tolerant. You need to help your other half when they need you the most.

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You are cautious about your money, as you are conscious that spending for no reason won't bring any good to your life.

Stop shopping just for the sake of it. If you don't need anything, why do you keep going to the shops? You need to start saving, as a rainy day is ahead.

You will enter a period that compromises your finances, so be aware and only buy the essential and avoid caprices.

Be aware of the working market, especially at weekends. There will be job offers that might give you the opportunity to show what you are really made of. Show your knowledge and nothing will be impossible, Cancer.


You cannot cope with extreme temperatures, my dear Cancer. You are that type of person that complains about the air conditioning being so cold in the cinema or hate sitting inside a bar because it is too hot. It is hard to be your friend on a Saturday night!

Keep your chronic illnesses under control, such as diabetes and blood pressure. Remember to always carry your medication in your bag so you avoid any scares.

Be careful when using knives, as you don't want to cut yourself. While cooking, be cautious, you don't want to end up in the emergency room!