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The peaceful aspects of the Magic Horoscope will have happy consequences in the domain of the heart, even in those that seem to have stopped beating and have given up.

A rebirth of passion will be in the air, and some Cancerians will be able to take a good step forward in terms of reconciliation if there is still magic and love left between you. There is always hope.

The ill-matched couples will have to face some minor problems, but the domination of the king will promote peace reign with force.

The planets also promise an intense love life for a good part of the single natives, although you prefer to run away and hide when you notice that your appointment wants an extreme commitment even though you are still in the process of getting to know yourself. Listen to your heart and you will know what to do.

Let's see how you explain that the recipe for love invites the ingredients to be cooked little by little, slowly stirred in and mixed, because if the flames are great everything will end up burning!


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The planet Mars will make you stronger, more responsible at work, and many will see you as stubborn for wanting to get what others give up.

But your spirit will be brave, you will overcome all obstacles and you will even prove to many people that in this life there is almost nothing. Lift your head up and you just have to keep going.

Your sustained action will help you achieve the goals you set for yourself, and that lesson will be learned by posterity.

If you have a job interview, take with you your secret weapon that you consider most powerful, it will bring you luck.


You will be stimulated by the Sun in a harmonious aspect, and it will be a good time to fight against the retention of liquids or fats.

So you can allow yourself to eat a little more meat than usual and go for diuretic foods. Of course, everything must be grilled, nothing fried and battered!

In the field of the family, at least, you will feel a little more liberated, because the people who depend on you, either because they are very small or very old, will have less need for your attention in their respective occupations.

They will give you time to breathe and concentrate on what interests you, on work or personal passions.