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During this Friday you are going to look a lot inside yourself, what are your origins and your roots, and how you have struggled over the years to have your own identity.

And how fear made you believe that no one would love you, precisely because you have your unique and special way of being, that they would not give you love.

You have to stop thinking that you are different from others, because all right, yes, you are; but there are no two identical people around you, if you look closely.

It doesn't hurt to be more affectionate with your partner, as well as with your family, especially with your parents, your grandparents or whoever took care of you from your earliest childhood.

Because sometimes we forget that in today's society there are many types of families, but several decades ago as well, and that not everyone grew up with a father and a mother.


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The money aspect is quite harmonious, and you yourself will be able to compensate for some extra expenses by being more moderate in other aspects.

Gambling today will bring you more disappointments than delicious flavors, so avoid betting high amounts of money.

Are you looking for someone to join a business project with you, or do you want to hire someone for your company?

Then you should be more alert, because someone you know would already fulfill the desired profile to perfection, but you are obsessed with looking for new talent.


Many of the natives of Cancer have a feeling of discomfort that has been dragging for weeks, and have already consulted with doctors.

The feeling that the doctors don't give you the key to what's going on can be very overwhelming, thinking that you have something wrong but they are unable to locate it.

Have you thought if what happens to you is psychosomatic, that is to say, that those fears and worries that lash your head have ended up manifesting in your own body?

To avoid the world and find yourself, music will be a good ally; enjoy your favorite album to keep the bad waves away from you.