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The games of sending messages to your ex and people who in the past occupied your heart in some way or another is dangerous.

A bomb that today could explode in your hands if you decide to throw around through social networks, justifying you in that they are lyrics of songs, or movie quotes.

Socially you'll only get to be a scorned person, incapable of overcoming the fact that someone has hurt you.

Because you won't believe it, but you won't be the first or the last person to live a love that won't last a lifetime, nor the one to whom they have been unfaithful.

That's what happens when you bet affection!


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You have to break your fear of negotiations, because you have an irrational panic both to be told no and to assert your talent and your professional worth.

This Tuesday is a good time to ask your boss for an increase in salary, or to give you the days of rest that you are owed and are usually dodging from the human resources department.

Also, if they owe you some other kind of favor (a day off, for example) you better leave it tied up.

Then the days and weeks go by and your additional efforts may be lost in oblivion.

The Magic Horoscope will help you so that the right words reach your mouth, without going with a halo of weakness.


When you go to bed, an issue that often obsesses you is not being able to sleep, because you consider that waking up every couple of hours interrupts your rest.

What if you try not to have a clock nearby that indicates the time, nor the mobile phone if you look at it there, Cancer?

Leave it away from the bed, and so, too, when the alarm goes off, you'll have to get up to turn it off, and you won't be late just because you want to sleep five more minutes.

Of course, also avoid long naps, and try to make the mattress comfortable.