Cancer Daily Horoscope |




As some say, you will notice butterflies in your stomach, because your feelings of love are close to your skin, and they carve a beautiful smile in your mouth.

How should you take advantage of these feelings? It does not hurt to show your average soul and how much you love your partner and how you strive for their happiness. Show what you're made of, my dear Cancer!

It is the moment of redemption if you have screwed up thoroughly recently, or if you have said expletives that you are sorry for, because they came out of your mouth in a moment of anger.

In the family, beware of issues of money and inheritance; by putting everything up to date, there may be tarantulas claiming invented ancestral debts.

For your part, you will put the meat on the spit to find a middle point, but put the issue in the hands of advisors and lawyers, lest you hide a big lie after this.

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You will have a special promotion ahead by Mercury to carry out successful negotiations, and you will achieve good contracts without the other party losing. You can all win if you put your heads together!

Sometimes you think that in matters of money you could evolve faster, especially because you want to reach out for your security blanket. But, what happens is that the month is ending and you regret not having closed the tap before of the unnecessary expenses?

You will receive a message of thanks from someone for whom you spoke well at a given time, and it will make it clear that the day you need something you have a door to hit. You are checking in the first person that there is what they call karma.


Make sure that the air that enters your lungs is of quality, my dear Cancer; there is a lot of pollution around you, and a little breath of clean oxygen will help you get in tune.

In addition to going for a good walk through the countryside at a brisk pace (take advantage and do a bit of meditation!) Avoid the industrial estates, the areas with smoke, and above all, the smokers' company.

Your dream will be light and many will be able to stay awake today, but even if you have your eyes wide open, discard using your mobile phone. Disconnecting means not being in touch at all!