Cancer Daily Horoscope for April 23

Your Horoscope for Tuesday
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Words play tricks on the minds of some Cancerians on this day, especially if they have known a recent infidelity of their partner.

Others, however, will assume the same with some naturalness, without considering that the world will end because their partner has had some slip in the past (or the recent present). For the rest, Magic Horoscope does not keep great surprises, but neither challenges nor challenges, which is appreciated.

With your family, try to be more affectionate, because you are carving a somewhat sullen image that will later be difficult to break.

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You will be interested in fashion today, and you run the risk of being a 'fashion victim' who spends a lot of money on clothes. Be careful.

This Tuesday is one of those days when you will want to renew the wardrobe, and in an unfortunate way, you will ignore all those clothes that you bought in the past for when you were in a better physical moment, more toned, or even thinner.

The star’s advice invites you not to buy pants, skirts or shirts that you are not going to use immediately, because sometimes you desire without control and tend to just accumulate.

At work you will see how some ideas of yours that you accepted previously go down the drain and you decide to take a new direction.

This will bring out the worst in you, but make sure that the genie remains trapped in the lamp, that it does not come out, because it will be the best and most prudent.


Try to be the one who cooks the food you are going to eat today, and when it comes to getting into the kitchen, take a stand in hygiene.

Clean each of the ingredients well, eliminating the dirt if they are fruits or vegetables, and watching over the state of the fish and shellfish to avoid intoxications.

The soft sport will be good (when not), but also the mental exercises. What if you challenge your partner, or your daughter, to a game of chess?

Your concentration will be high and your brain will be activated at its maximum splendour, which is frankly interesting on many levels.