Cancer Daily Horoscope |




You like to show off your charming smile as you feel happy and also beautiful today. Feeling pretty is positive as it boosts your self-esteem my dear Cancer.

Three planets have aligned to help you be sympathetic to others and this will be the key to may hearts. So, if you are looking for love, listen to others.

Nevertheless, Jupiter's position shows that those trying to conquer other hearts may not be corresponded, as the other party might not feel the same way about you. Try your best and pay attention to their reactions.

Those who are in a relationship are happy, stable and have emotions flourishing non-stop. you both feel loved and appreciate one another, as the day goes on you feel stronger than ever.

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Analyse your agenda before accepting other commitments, or yu may end up having more than one event at the same time. Also, write down people's birthdays, weddings and other events so that you do not forget about anything.

If your accounts are balanced, maybe you are in time to decline going out in order to save some extra cash that you need to pay off bills or other things. It is best to know what you can spend before actually spend it.

Your mobile phone has come from hell, as it tempts you to buy unnecessary things online. When you have some spare time, you seem to look at shops and spend money. Try and find other ways to waste time!

This may push you towards debts, such as having to pay out lots of money at once as you didn't realize how much you had spent.


The stars have a positive influence on you today as your state of mind seems to be positive. Today is full of fun and staying at home isn't an option. Get up and go out. Breathe the fresh air around you and spend time outside in the big wide world.

You need to eat fish and meat, but never deep fat fried or with lots of fat. Always cook either in the oven or in a pan without too much oil. Avoid fatty sauces to put with your meals as they are what make the meal unhealthy. Also, if you want a snack, try eating more fruit or even healthy energy bars.

If you have the chance, give blood. I'm sure someone else will definitely appreciate it. You know, science may have evolved throughout the yeats, but blood is blood and artificial blood just isn't the same.