Magical Horoscope 7
Cancer Daily Horoscope |




The bachelor of Cancer will want company, and not out of boredom, but out of necessity. You want to wake up with someone, someone you can spoil (and also take care of you).

Get down to work, make an appointment with a hairdresser, brush up and go out, to art galleries, to nightclubs, to places to surround yourself with people related to your interests!

Cupid will catch you on the road and you will start something fun, which will be blessed with a great air of sociability.

In couples, the wheel will walk alone without spending additional energy, and you will reach the place you want.

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You know that you have a conflict linked to your money situation, and that sometimes you think everything around you is untenable.

To fix the problems do not trust anyone, do everything by yourself, according to your sole criterion (Pluto will help you in that sense), ignoring rumors.

There is a possibility of suffering the risk of extortion for a secret that you have buried in the garden, but you should not access it. If you did something wrong, fulfill the responsibility that corresponds to you, and end it.

If it had not come to light would have been much better, okay, but once the problem has surfaced and rooted you have no choice but to call the gardener and pay the bill that corresponds.


You will be a bit harsh with yourself, you will be filled with unanswered questions about the passage of time, how the years affect us and how the moments are lost in history and can never be recovered again.

And it is that some recent event has put you out of place, but Cancer: if it has happened it is because it had to happen, and you could not intervene. Stop assuming guilt that is not yours; you do not deserve to treat yourself like that.

In some moments you can feel claustrophobic, and have a hard time needing to go outside, to have the air in your face and fill your lungs. The same is the time for you to face this fear that tortures you.