Cancer Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




You start off this week by looking for open relationships, as you believe that traditional and stereotyped relationships only give you headaches, Cancer.

You want to do your own thing and not have to give explanations to others. You don't depend on anybody, so enjoy life and do as you please!

You are hard to break, as you are even capable to say no to a marriage proposal. You even shock yourself, as you have become stronger than you thought! Only you are in charge of your life!

The desire to enjoy new adventures among couples that don't see each other a lot might happen without you even expecting it. A good friend might turn into your lover.

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You think that there is a leak in your accounts, as money is disappearing like magic, and you don't understand why. How can your income slip away so easily, my dear Cancer?

On this day of September, the stars ask you to study your expenses and find a way to cut back. This will help you find solutions.

In terms of your professional life, you are an intellectual and you are full of knowledge. You might even think about opening your own business, which isn't a bad idea!

However, make sure you find allies that want to invest in your ideas, as you won't be able to do it alone.


The sky is on your side, especially when you get bad news from your doctor. The tests you had done haven't come back the way you hoped.

You need to plan your future so that you favour your spiritual development. Why don't you go on a holiday that will help you connect with your inner peace? You need faith and peace to become stronger, so maybe experiencing new cultures may help.

Finally, the stars see that you are a drama queen and over-exaggerate sometimes. You need your own space, but don't push yourself away from those who love you.