Cancer Daily Horoscope |



Living as a couple, during this Sunday you will notice how your body asks you to look for strong and new emotions, exciting.

Your partner will quickly manifest a position contrary to yours, because they are not at all willing to offer you their complicity in what you want.

In fact, their opinion will be just the opposite, they will want the same routine as always.

Jealousy, insecurities and arguments can take you to the embers at any given moment, and if you react in time everything will be solved with passionate reconciliations.

Singles will feel a special pride in being without anyone by their side to hear them grumble when things don't go right the first time.

It will be one of those days when you say that the person who leads you to live a life of fidelity and marriage has not yet set foot on the earth.


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With the current Cancer sky, with Jupiter impacting on it, you'll want to have great control over your accounts, as well as those savings you keep under your bedroom mattress (or in that safe hidden between your underwear).

Don't get lost, though, because lack of foresight and carelessness can cost you dearly.

In the professional level of Cancer, it will be necessary to know how to act at the right time, taking into account the signs around you.

Choose to show a low and spontaneous profile if you see that is best, and with it, make contacts, or even secret alliances that will come in handy before showing that you have an ace up your sleeve.


You should take care of your liver. Stop any excessive consumption of alcohol during meals, something that is more than frequent when the weekend arrives and we meet with friends or family to eat together.

And let's not say if for work reasons you have to go for cocktails with colleagues (although it is essential to cultivate useful relationships).

Your willpower, supported among others by the planet Mars, will allow you to jump with great advantage all the obstacles that there will be in your day.