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Oh, how capricious is love, and how sometimes we mix sexual desire with it, right, Cancer?

On this Thursday you will feel an irresistible passion for people who have power over you, such as a boss, or even a teacher.

Beware if you decide to seduce, because you are still freely interpreting the information that give you your eyes and ears, and that person has no interest in you.

Also, if you already have a partner, you could get into a very big problem that makes you risk what you have inside your home, okay?

Those who are single, assess what dangers could represent throwing meat on the grill, and what problems could derive that idyll that lurks in your head.

But be clear that we are talking about a story that will fail, as the stars know, but you are also aware of that.


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If you want to get a promotion or sign an agreement, try to trust yourself, Cancer.

Because today a pitiful attitude will predominate in you, in which you project solitude, and nobody wants someone like that in their team.

Take out the epic war hero who lives inside you when you want, and take out the sword to fight for what you want.

If you're a check and checkbook handler, be very cautious today, because you're a little squeamish and some paper may go astray, or by mistake end up in the trash.


Doing a few sit-ups at home, and going up and down the stairs of your building, or work offices, isn't a very complex exercise either, is it?

Well, Cancer, get to work now, if sedentarism has been installed in your life!

Lately you notice that you tire faster, and this is due to the lack of activity, a spiral from which it is difficult to get out if you don't get to work soon.

You don't have to pay the monthly fee for the gym (especially if you're not going to go) but to activate yourself in your usual environment.