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What you are living is real life, not a fairy tale. With every decision you make, you may find a consequence. You are not starring in a movie and what happens in a film is never true.

And if you believe love is like a romantic comedy, in which two people meet and fall in love forever, then make sure to realize that life is harder than this. You need effort for love to last.

Don´t obsess about finding your other half, but do not trust that person who would climb fire escapes just to be with you for a little while. Keep your eyes fully open at all times.

In couples, it is important to not brag about irrelevant aspects, especially not to your friends and family, nor on social media. Love is shown to your partner and not to the world.


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Take out a pair of scissors and cut out a bunch of silly expenses, my dear Cancer. 

To start with, cancel those monthly subscriptions of activities that you no longer practice, such as the gym. You never have the chance to go to, or even due to laziness, so is it really worth paying? 

As a warning, go to your bank and tell them not to charge any more receipts from these places. And when it is time to go food shopping, buy the essential and not what you are craving!



The best part of you today will be your positive attitude as it will help you leave behind those negative vibrations in the air that are following you.

What was worrying you yesterday will no longer do so. It won't give you those pounding headaches either.

In addition, you perceive how your self-esteem grows naturally and you will want to take advantage so that your physique is at its best, especially to make it healthier. Overweight isn´t an aesthetic problem, it is a health problem!