Cancer Daily Horoscope for April 25

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In love you will be quite irascible, my dear Cancer, as you will not understand that your spouse has certain friendships outside your inner circle.

People that you love and others that you cannot stand at all, up to the point that you wouldn’t help them up if they fall.

In this sense the planet Jupiter will build a wall impossible to climb, which will separate you even more from those friendships that are unbearable.

But you cannot tell your partner with whom you should join or not according to your own personal tastes, enough more!

The collection of conquests of singles will be reduced by a lack of self-esteem, which will make you stay at home instead of going out to enjoy life.

If it is exceptional and for a single time nothing happens, make sure it doesn’t become a habit, okay?

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The dream that you drag for a somewhat uncontrolled life of schedules with nights that get longer watching TV series or going out of the account; will leave a dent in your mind.

And you will not be a particularly skilled person when it comes to doing business, let alone performing administrative functions properly.

If you work with cash at your job (for example, if you work as a cashier in a clothing store or a supermarket), be especially careful with the payments and with the money you give back, so that you will not be outdid the total and give too much change.

Do the accounts two and three times, better be sure than make mistakes if you rush them.


Except for the aforementioned dream in the area of ​​money, Magic Horoscope does not foresee setbacks for your health, although, without a doubt, it could improve.

The aquatic environment is especially beneficial for your sign, so go for a swim in the sea if you have the possibility, or do some laps in the pool, or maybe even participate in a game of water polo.

It will also help to enhance your well-being visits to thermal water spas, as well as spas, where water jets will massage you until you feel like a newborn. You will be as good as new, Cancer!