Cancer Daily Horoscope |




Be objective: the wind is in your favour, as your past experiences with dates hasn't been quite favourable. In fact, they have been rather negative.

Don't let your boat sink before you try to get it sailing! Just because your sky isn't as positive as you had hoped doesn't mean you cannot find happiness elsewhere!

Lower your tone when you talk, with a relaxed harmony so that others don't think you are shouting with anger. Don't talk loudly and with mean words to your partner, as they will retaliate, my dear Cancer.

You are much spicier than your partner is, but don't worry because they will guide you in the right direction. See the light! If you see everything grey, let your partner light up your sky!


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You sometimes feel forced to face certain requirements, which means that you will have to face a major payment. You are facing a dilemma and don't know how to act. Making important decisions may concern others, so always ask for advice.

You feel out of place, as if you don't belong in this world. You feel a stranger in your own reality and hard to make important decisions that don't bring any joy to others.

Nevertheless, you stay firm and have an open mind to new proposals. They might even light up your sky, and help your maneuver improve!

Some don't like changes or starting up new companies, as you suspect that it is too good to be true, and something will go wrong, my dear Cancer.



Listen carefully to good speeches given by others. Listen and concentrate on how they act, their body gestures and how the explain how to improve your health. It is hard for you to find yourself, so listen to others and what they have to say!

You have your head up with the fairies and try to avoid reality.

Your strong personality and your temperament will push you overboard, as you try to experiment with your own body. Stop listening to other people's experiences and make some memories of your own!

Make sure you keep an eye on timetables, and find an hour for yourself. You can walk along the beach or even have a nice warm bath with rose petals in.