Cancer Daily Horoscope |



Your sentimental palate wants to chew the flavors of love, especially if you've been a while without waking up with anyone at your side, without a voice that wishes you good morning (and not to say if it also prepares breakfast).

This will cause you to be most in love, Cancer, and thus feel a peculiar attraction for someone older than you and with a better position than you have.

Someone who, in principle, might seem unattainable to you, but whom you could conquer through beautiful glances and a good dose of humility.

Because going too far isn't what works best for you if you want someone to end up confessing to you that they drink the winds for you.


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Someone might face you this day for work reasons, Cancer.

Maybe they're arguing about how the work schedule has been distributed, or because they think you're getting benefits you shouldn't get.

Actually, the planets of the Magic Horoscope don't emphasize that you want to fight with anyone, or to argue at all.

But neither should you allow them to sully your honor, to make you look like something you're not, and if you see that they are disrespecting you, don't hesitate to prove them wrong and shake heaven and earth if necessary.

You have to think that if you let yourself be trampled once, maybe tomorrow they want to do it again, and then it will be more difficult to restore your position and your name.


To find your usual energy, you will have to rest, yes, but also move, even if you find it paradoxical.

What advice does the Moon have for you, which is your planet regent and that watches over your well-being? Sleep as much as you can.

And in your free time (which you should look for yes or yes) enjoy a gentle sport, such as pilates.

Did you know that this physical activity will help you and a lot to control yourself, not only physically but also mentally, because it teaches you to control your body, each muscle of it, with great ease?