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More than one and two natives of Cancer are coming out of a great period of loneliness, or even emotional disappointment.

If this is your case, the stars want to tell you that this Friday may be the time to think objectively what you expect from a future love relationship.

Because one thing is what is expected of you, the kind of travel companion that would suit you, and another what you really want.

You know that every couple is different, and that the rules that work for your neighbor don't have to be the ones you want for you.

If you already have a partner, the day will be a river of troubled waters, although you don't have to worry.


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Don't worry about making too much money, as an avaricious spirit has awakened within you this Friday.

And don't go thinking that someone is going to make a miraculous deposit in your account, or that you will win the lottery and your problems will end (today is not a good day for chance, goddess Fortune has gone on holiday for you).

When doing business feel free, you could even be a little more impulsive than usual and let yourself be guided by intuition rather than reason.

And whatever your options, just try not to close the opportunity to rectify without too much difficulty if necessary.


How often do you weigh yourself on the scale, Cancer? Not for long?

It's an important question that the stars ask you, especially if you're complaining that your pants are tightening more than they should be, or if you've had to use a new belt hole.

Weighing regularly helps us fight overweight, as well as control ourselves on dates when there are certain excesses, such as last Christmas.

When you see how the numbers rise day by day you will end up becoming aware that you have to close your mouth a little, and move more.